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3 Tips on dealing with your contractor

If you have a 1960 house and desire to turn it into a 2020 model structure, or you decide to paint your dining room or living room, you’ll need the help of a contractor. Having someone reliable, competent, and shrewd is a major priority. Here are three tips to keep in mind when choosing and dealing with your contractor

Have a contract

Whether you are painting a 2 by 2 square bathroom or a section of the kitchen or remodeling the entire house, it is very crucial that agreements made are clear and in writing. Yes! WRITING and both parties are to sign it off. It doesn’t have to be typed or perfect, just ensure it is accurate and fair. Spell out all expectations about the job and leave no Grey Area to the imagination. This is to avoid misunderstanding as the job progresses or even when completed. Verbal agreement is of no use when there is a dispute about the final bill or other specifications. Remember, written agreements protect both you and the contractor, so there is no problem and builds relationship such that you both can stay as good friends even after.

Lowest bidder isn’t always the Cheapest

Be careful, the lowest bid isn’t always the cheapest. Also be wary when a contractor pressures you to make a decision about whether or not you’ll hire them quickly. Don’t get distracted. If you get a bid that is significantly lower than the rest, have the contractor explain why. Just because it’s a few dollars less doesn’t guarantee the work would be any better or cheaper. This could well be a tactic to get you off the Market and then start a change order as the work progresses, and by then, it’s too much of a hassle to find another contractor leaving you with no option than to cooperate. This would eventually cost you more than you bargained for, to say nothing of the time and inconvenience. We all love a good deal, be sure it’s fair on both sides or something is wrong!

Know what you want

Taste changes and maybe yesterday’s harvest gold kitchen isn’t the beautiful stainless steel you have been dreaming of. Know what you want and be certain about it before getting on the project, chances are you may save money, time and even energy. Be realistic about what you want. If you were to remodel your living room and decide on synthetic stucco painting and along the line change your mind to traditional stucco; Keep in mind that what you pay more for in the beginning can save you time and unforeseen cost at the end. For synthetic stucco, you spray once and it’s done while traditional stucco needs to be sprayed then knocked down before painting – by the time you calculate the expense for the paint and labor and also the time, make sure you are not just trading money and it’s worth it. Consider everything; type, quality, cost, durability etc. The best isn’t always the best or the right choice for your job but take the time to know and even see the differences and decide your own goals; what you need and what fits your space. On a final note, always have it at the back of your mind that not everyone can do the job well as skillfulness differs. All painters were not created equal – from out of work plumbers to bartenders trying to make a little extra money on the side, a lot of people think painting is a no brainer and an easy way to make money. WRONG! Think about it especially when it’s a home. What they are painting usually is not just our walls or the house itself, but our home which is our biggest investment.

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